“This is the moment.”


Walking through the Valentine candy aisle, I met a slight, very kind, elderly woman. Her hair was tied into a bun so tightly, her horn-rimmed glasses just so, that she looked like a Hogwart’s professor. In my mind, she’ll always be a teacher from another era.

She looked at me from under those glasses and giggled a little as she pulled a small bag of chocolates from the shelf to throw in her basket.

“I know this looks silly, me buying myself a Valentine,” she said, “but I’ll only eat two pieces a’night. I think we all need a little something to look forward to–something that makes us happy. Don’t you?”

We talked for awhile about Valentine’s Day, politics, people, and life in general, but before parting ways she turned to say, “You know how they say you should live in the moment? Well, this is the moment. We’re in it and we’d better live it.

“Right now, this candy is my moment, because life’s too short. Things shouldn’t be so serious all the time. There’s too much to enjoy and we all need a little something. Give me my chocolates, a book to read and I’m happy.”

Sometimes it’s the little things.


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