Carport Caddyshack Moment


So, I’m sitting in my vehicle under the carport, texting, with my door open when I hear an animal trotting quickly around the house.

I don’t have any animals.

I look to my left and here comes this big ol’ groundhog waddle-running, and its about to jump in my car!

I held out my hand like I thought a Supremes dance move would stop it or something. He halted, looked, sniffed, and jumped onto the stoop next to the car.

That stoop, by the way, is half a hop away from the inside of my car.

He looked me in the eyes, wiggled his nose, and at this point I was waiting on, “Good day, sir. Fancy weather we’re having isn’t it?”

So, I slammed to car door, hissed (like crazy person noises would really spook him after my killer dance moves meant nothing), and he ran on down the driveway like he was late for a business meeting.


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