“Have you found a job yet?”


“Have you found a job yet?”

It’s the single-most annoyingly answered question I’ve been presented with since “My Professional Hindenburg,” better known as April 7, 2017 or the day I was laid off work.

So, to answer some of those burning questions about my ongoing job search that keep filtering into my texts and inbox, here’s a mini-presser:

1) No, I haven’t found one.

2) Because I’m not desperate enough to take the night shift turning fries at McD’s…at least not yet.

3) Yes, I’m still looking. Every. Single. Day.

4) No, there’s absolutely nothing local except turning fries at McD’s.

5) No, I don’t want to go back, ever. Evaaar.

Thank you all for coming. I’m available for interviews.


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