Take A Knee: Solidarity or Disrespect


Taking A Knee against racism and corruption is a perspective worth mulling over, but not one with which I personally agree.

Yesterday, a Facebook and business friend whose opinion I greatly respect said the ability to kneel is evidence of the splendor of our country; like being pissed at the family, but still coming home for Thanksgiving. While I found myself in agreement with the point of their statement, I believe the long term repercussions of consistently kneeling during the National Anthem come at a far higher price.

Take A Knee is slowly instilling a level of disrespect and disdain for history into a younger, more impressionable generation, as well as a disregard for the hard work and sacrifice it took to allow them to have such freedom. It is also creating a land of opportunists in the Land of Opportunity, as does any bandwagon fad.

Taking a knee inside the stadiums of one of middle America’s national pastimes is more likely to have a methamphetamine effect on what is already a changing national psychology.

If Take A Knee were a one time show of solidarity, I would likely feel different about it. But as a constant in regard to social issues that take years, not moments, to change it becomes not revolutionary, but disrespectful to those who fought for your right to kneel.

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